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Why do we train?

uninitiated, going out your way to lift heavy weights in the dead of summer must sound like something a crazy person would do. And you’re probably not too way off if I’m completely being honest.

We are pretty crazy here at Valkyrie, but not nearly as crazy as we’d be if we didn’t have this outlet. Somewhere to feel in control, to feel strong, to feel accomplished and another opportunity to hang out with some of the best humans I know!

So, why do we train…play, sweat, exercise, laugh, compete? It’s a no brainer if you ask me.

It’s 5am and The Red Door opens once again, the ceilings are tall and reassuring, the weights are heavy as always and stare me down as I walk through the gym. The floor is hard. Ahhh…home sweet home. Time to take my medicine.

Among many obvious and well documented benefits of lifting weights and exercising, the reason I’m up at the crack of dawn in the gym is not because I’m concerned about my heart or because I need to work on lowering my cholesterol (both of which are extremely valid reasons for exercising). 

The reason why I look forward to a bit of suffering each day, is the fact that I receive a very real and infinitely invaluable mental boost each and every time. After each session, I feel accomplished, strong and ready to take on the day. Not a bad trade if you ask me.

During “The Great Lockdown” of 2020, many of our members rallied in our quest to kill the “lockdown blues” by logging on to our online classes each day. Nothing beats the experience we can provide at our Valkyrie gym but everyone training over Zoom in their Courage Corners was inspiring to say the least.

After returning to our home gym, our community had bonded over those haphazard online classes (and Friday parties). I don’t think I’ll ever lose the novelty of when I experience people coming together through the common goal of getting stronger.

Why do we train? Because it brings people together!

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