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Welcome to Valkyrie 2.0

It’s nearly halfway through the year and we’ve got some important information about new and exciting changes that will be coming to Valkyrie in the next few weeks!

These new changes are the first steps to streamlining your day to day experience at Valkyrie. From booking in on Mindbody to the classes themselves, everything in this new update will help you get the most out of your membership.

Brand new classes & structure

The first and one of the more exciting changes we are making this year are the addition of NEW classes to our timetable!

  • We’ve made the decision to replace our current Semi-Private Sessions with our new Strength & Mobility Classes. These classes will be better suited to for different skill levels with a longer class length (60mins) and a larger group per class (capped at 8 people). With more time to play with, we’ll be able to advance more competent members whilst still getting to beginners that are still finding their feet.
  • Our MVNT, CORE and PWR Bootcamps will now be replaced by a single weekly Bootcamp with progressions and regressions within the program. This means no more repetitive Bootcamps!
  • Our FREE Kettlebell Fundamentals classes will now feature a structured approach and cover all the basics, from how hold the Rack Position to fundamentals of The Get-Up.
  • Valkyrie Meet-Ups – or our new name Kettlebells and Coffee – are still free and always will be.

Memberships – Now with more ‘Bang for buck’!

With all these changes to our classes, we’ve also excited to announce that all “Valkyrie Bronze, Silver and Gold” memberships will now include UNLIMITED Bootcamps! That’s right, as many camps as you can handle!

We are also planning on expanding our collection of functional tools including the addition of Club-Bells, Sandbags and of course MORE Kettlebells.

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