Valkyrie Philosophy

Leaders in strength

At Valkyrie we feel the kettlebell is one of the most versatile and adaptive tools to promote real world strength, fat loss and strong functioning bodies. For these reasons and many more, we use kettlebells in most our programing and workouts. If you’re new to kettlebell training or are in a need of a touch up, rest assured that all our trainers are StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. We’ve aligned ourselves and teaching methods with the StrongFirst system, as they are recognised by many to be the gold standard in kettlebell education.

All our trainers have been through the rigorous process of certifying through StrongFirst and have met/ maintained the standard of a StrongFirst instructor (which is no walk in the park). This means that our trainers are always held to the highest standard, this also means that we will never put you through a workout that haven’t we personally grinded through ourselves.

Why Kettlebells?

As mentioned above, the kettlebell is the most versatile training tool there is—a gym in your hand. Science and experience agree that kettlebell training develops a wide range of attributes: slow and dynamic strength, various types of endurance, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, health, the list goes on.

Kettlebell training simultaneously trains everything! Strength, speed, endurance and guess what, anyone can do it! From children to the elderly and everything in between. Kettlebells should be your entry point for strength training, even if you know your way around the gym.

Now, you probably are thinking that it’s too good to be true, and you’d be right. There is one trade off, kettlebell training is hard, at times anyway. The kettlebell demands respect and attention at all times but many would agree that this one of the most exciting things about kettlebell training. To build scary strong, durable and mobile bodies, you’ve got to be putting in work, and kettlebell won’t take no for answer!

Now that may sound a bit scary at first, but ask our members how much they FUN it is to go through the process of learning the skills, applying the drills and coming out on top with dramatic changes to their body composition, movement and strength!