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The Tactical Strength Challenge was held at Valkyrie Functional Training on May the 4th this this year. It was the first TSC that we have ever held and the a first for the Hunter region too.

Barbells were lifted, kettlebells snatched and pull-ups were a many! Every single participant at the event conquered not only one but multiple PRs (Personal Records) making this event a massive success for all who competed!

We’re so proud of all our competitors and thankful for all the judges and assistance we had on the day! A quick reminder that the next TSC is on 26th of October! Train hard!

Here are the results from our local competition for each event. (International Rankings soon to come). Check out some the happy snaps from the day too!


Women’s winner: Bianca Cranswick (90kg deadlift)

Men’s winner: Malcolm McCowan (150kg deadlift)


Women’s winner: Melissa Macintosh (95.5 seconds flexed arm hang)

Men’s winner: Josh Lee (15 strict pull-ups)


Women’s winner: Heather Kember (107 snatches @ 12kg)

Men’s winner: Andrew Fox (110 snacthes @ 24kg)


Women’s overall:

Bianca Cranswick (90kg deadlift, 54 second flexed arm hang, 99 snatches @ 12kg)

Men’s overall (tie):

Andrew Fox (145kg deadlift, 10 strict pull-up, 110 snatches @ 24kg)

Malcolm McCowan (150kg deadlift, 13 strict pull-up, 91 snatches @ 24kg)

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