StrongFirst is a worldwide leader in ‘the school of strength’.

At Valkyrie, all of our coaches are held to the standard of a StrongFirst-certified Instructor.

The SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification is the most respected and sought after kettlebell instructor certification on the planet. Kettlebell training is not a fad. It is here to stay and Valkyrie is proud to be the first Newcastle Gym in the Hunter Region to bring SFG and the ever popular Tactical Strength Challenge to the region.

StrongFirst hold the highest standards in the industry, and the SFG is the most sought-after and respected kettlebell instructor credential in existence.

SFG Certifications are taught by the most qualified kettlebell instructors on the planet, each hand-selected by Pavel or StrongFirst Director of Education, Brett Jones.

To achieve certification, each one of our coaches has to meet certain strength standards and demonstrate proper movement skill. This is not a certification that can be purchased, but rather earned.

Anyone that has trained with Hugo, knows his passion for Kettlebell training as well as his insatiable thirst for knowledge in the field of strength & conditioning.

StrongFirst has set the industry high bar. Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder, started the kettlebell revolution in 1998. Our Instructors are national champions, coaches of champions, special operators, elite martial artists, national team doctors, and other high-end strength professionals.

StrongFirst sees eye to eye with Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky: “Theory without practice is as limited as practice without theory.” Our methods are scientifically and empirically based and have a proven record with professional athletes, elite military and law enforcement operators, as well as regular folks who have decided to be weak no more.