Strength & Mobility

Our Strength & Mobility class is our daily hour workout designed for fitness levels of all levels from beginner to kettlebell pro.

Each class starts with a thorough mobility based warm-up full of essential movements and body “resets” to prime your body and mind for action followed by a short briefing of the workout. Our programing consists of a blend of functional movement, strength & conditioning and Kettlebell training as we find that these disciplines produce the best results for a strong, functioning human. We encourage our members to “carry” the class with team and partner based programs to foster our growing community and culture. You’ll be guided through each part of the workout by our skilful and supportive coaches as you laugh, grunt and sweat your way to the finish line.

Strength is a skill and we approach each workout as a “practice” as well as a means to exercise. As you progress within our Strength & Mobility classes, you’ll not only get a workout but learn essential techniques. These techniques can be translated not just to our Hardstyle Kettlebell training, but to all forms of exercise, from everyday activities such as day-to-day chores to more intensive activities like hiking and kickboxing. With this in mind, it is not uncommon for new members to make big leaps in overall strength within a relatively short amount of time.

Each class follows specific programs over any number of weeks to ensure success and progression with each and every member. Most classes are closed out by a challenging yet fun “finisher” that brings the whole group together!