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StrongFirst Certified instructors

Although training with kettlebells is nothing new, there aren’t many trainers that know how to use them properly.

Valkyrie is the only gym in the Hunter region with StrongFirst Certified instructors who can help you to use kettlebells properly and get the most out of your training. We also have one of the best community-based fitness platforms around to keep you motivated and your fitness goals on track.

Benefits of exercise

There are already many well known benefits of regular exercise, including assisting with weight loss, and building and maintaining muscle strength and bone density.

There are also many lesser known benefits:

  • Reducing pain & risk of chronic disease
  • Improving your mood
  • Decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Increasing your energy levels throughout the day
  • Assisting with relaxation and sleep in the evenings

But, did you know that there are also numerous benefits of exercise within a fitness community?

Be part of a fitness community

Support to achieve your goals

Training amongst a community of like-minded members gives you the support needed to achieve your fitness goals. You are more likely to actually make it into the gym each week, and are more likely to actually stick with it when you enjoy the people you train with and feel their support, even on your bad days. The Valkyrie fitness community is filled with like-minded, supportive and energetic members that help one another reach their fitness goals and keep it fun at the same time.


Knowing the other people within your fitness community also means you take greater accountability for your own fitness. It’s not as easy to skip the gym or finish before your last set when everyone you train with knows your name. The Valkyrie community is like a family, and we all help keep each other on track with our goals.

Keep each other motivated & inspired

A large community of fit and fun members means there are bound to be some people that keep you feeling inspired and motivated. The members of the Valkyrie community are all at various stages of their fitness journey, so whether you’re just getting started or you’re aiming to perfect your kettlebell techniques, there are people you can train with and look up to for guidance and that extra little kick in the butt you need to reach your next goal.

Much more fun!

Let’s face it, training on your own can be boring and tedious when you need to come up with your own workouts and keep yourself motivated. Training with a group is just so much more fun! The energy within the group is contagious, and the Valkyrie community has a heap of energy to go ‘round. Follow us on instagram or facebook to see what we’ve been up to.

Try something different

Training in a group gives you the support and encouragement needed to try things that would usually be a little out of your comfort zone. Trying new things can seem scary at first, but there’s nothing more satisfying and invigorating than when you finally nail it.

Trying something different can also help to break up the monotony of a boring training routine, and keep your body and mind working in different ways. Kettlebell training is a versatile, fantastic for beginners to experts, and a very underutilised method in the fitness industry.

If you only try one new thing this year, it should be kettlebells!

See our kettlebell workouts or view the online group fitness timetable.

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