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You’ve probably heard it all before… ‘personalised programs, quality coaches bla bla bla’. 

You’re right, they are terms overused and therefore they no longer pack punch as a point of difference. You expect EVERY gym to provide quality coaches, and some degree of personalised programs, right?. So if you’re looking for a new gym in Newcastle, then here’s what you should loo, and how to differentiate between them to find the one that’s the right fit for you. 

Next Level Coaches

You can expect that most gyms will have coaches that have undergone some training. The difference here at Valkyrie is that our coaches have taken their own training and qualifications to the next level. We are the only accredited gym in Newcastle to be Strong First Certified and Original Strength Certified. These certifications are serious bizzo and not for the faint hearted. What this means to you is that we bring you top-notch advice based on the best information in the industry. Oh, and we are the only Newcastle gym to host a bunch of additional educational courses for our members and other coaches in the area. Capow! 

And if you’re wondering how concerned your coach actually is with you getting results, rest assured that Valkyrie’s head coach is also the business owner, so he has a vested interest in you achieving your goals and being a happy member! Meet Hugo here. The rest of our coaches are developed, trained and promoted within through our Coach Development Program. Members that have learnt the Valkyrie way and gone onto develop their own coaching career. 


Community is something that lacks in the big gyms. So many members, new faces all the time, and little to no opportunities to make new buddies and strong connections. So we really pride ourself on our awesome little community where you can make some new friends and train with your buddies. 

The cool thing about the community we have built is that it’s so welcoming, inviting, and unpretentious. All new members are warmly welcomed and feel right at home quickly. We know that starting at a new gym can be a daunting process, and what you can remember is that everyone of our members at some point have been in your shoes. It doesn’t matter where you are starting, how ‘fit’ (we use this term loosely at ‘fit’ means something different to everyone) you are or how strong you may be. We’re here to help you move from where you are to where you want to be next. Watching you connect and build friendships is the icing on the cake for us. 

You can expect regular team get togethers, the odd dressup and beers or tag along with the group after hours for a fun activity like rock climbing! 

Dog Friendly

Can you believe it? We’re Newcastle’s ony DOG-FRIENDLY gym! I repeat…DOG-FRIENDLY. This has got to be the best thing since sliced bread. Follow-us on Instagram to meet some of our regular doggos 

Personalised Programming

Yeah, yeah. Every gym known to man will give you a ‘personalised program’. Basically they play russian roulette with a bunch of activities, and wam-bam you have a program to follow. Ok that’s a gross exaggeration, but in our experience they do tend to be pretty basic. 

Our approach is to get to know you and conduct a functional movement screen to assess how well you’re moving. From there, we have a discussion about your goals, capacity to train, eating habits, personality type etc and then we get to work on providing you with a plan to tackle your goals. After we figure out what the best approach is we like to take a deep dive into some of the foundational kettlebell movements that are most appropriate for your goals. Knowledge is power, so providing our members with the right tools and the confidence to improve their strength and fitness is paramount!

If you’d like to see what one of our programs looks like, get in touch and we’ll shoot you through an example. 

Open Gym

We’re really proud to see our gym pumping during open gym time-slots. We educate our members for self-directed training as well, but we’re on-hand during open gym time slots to support you and coach you as you need it. 

Goal Board

Our giant goal board is plastered with polaroid photos and is a member-generated wall of motivation to keep you accountable to whatever your goal is. Be it get off the beers for 2 months, hit your PB or drop a few kilos.

Yoga & other courses

Get some yoga on the side of your training and find your zen. In all seriousness, we offer Yoga classes to stretch out and complement your training. Great for muscle recovery between sessions or as an end of week wind-down. 

Further, we’re proud to be Newcastle’s only Strong First Certified and Original Strength Certified coaches, and we host a bunch of events and other courses through these affiliations which you can tap into to skill-up. These courses cater for every level from beginner to advanced.  

Ready to get amongst it? Get in touch today to get started!

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