Ever wanted to maximise your power output, and more swole and flexy? Join Andy from the RAW Barbell Club as he takes you through a two day workshop on learning how to Overhead Squat, Snatch & Deadlift.


6th March – Snatch Technique & Overhead Squat

Unlock the pathway to finding the mobility you desire, learning how to work on getting into an overhead squat. Just like learning the splits this is playing the long game, but learning it the right way give you the best possible start.

After we’ve successfully given you the tools to unlocking the overhead squat. it’s time to learn how to get the bar there. Learn the fundamentals of Snatching. Broken down the “RAW” way.

Start with the positions, then work through the transitions and lastly put it all together with Rhythm! 

*The “RAW” Way– Positions | Transitions | Rhythm*

Our goal is to give athletes and coaches a framework for progressing their snatch that transcends just the weight on the barbell.  It is aimed at all levels of athlete/coach and can be modified to suit the needs of the individual.

We go through the basic positions that everyone has become accustomed to ie. Positions 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 of the pull (High Hang, Hang, Low Hang, Floor) then delve deeper by examining common mistakes and problems people have when transitioning from position to position. We give the athletes key tips to work on, in their own time as well as things that they can give to their own coach to work on. 

The final part of the workshop is teaching athletes the rhythm required to execute not only a good lift but a beautiful lift. We use drills that are rhythm based to teach an athlete to go under the bar whilst pulling that we’ve used for over 7 years now to great affect. The basic premise is that the workshop is split into three categories the 1st being what we see (positions) the 2nd being what we feel (transitions) and the final being what we hear (rhythm).

At the end of the day the lifter has an idea of how they can improve their snatch moving forward and also a learning framework to how they can improve all of their movements across the spectrum of TSC, Crossfit, Gymnastics and General Strength Training.

7th March – The Deadlift

The king of the lifts and a staple of the TSC, the deadlift is integral to any athletes development. We use top down approach to teach the lift, attack weaknesses and make your strength undeniable. Again using the “RAW” way we break down the lift into parts. The lockout, The Knee Transition and the Break. From here we delve into how to successfully decide on a pulling style (sumo or conventional) and lastly work to maximizing our movement to pull the heaviest loads the safest way possible.