Valkyries most effective and efficient way to train!

Join an intimate group consisting of two to four people, and enjoy unique programs that will accelerate your fitness development. Whether you’re already in pretty good shape or need a help getting back on track, we can tailor semi-private personal training sessions to help you get the most out of your workout.

You’ll receive personalised attention with the support and guidance of our expert trainers, and constantly develop new skills to build up your fitness.

Achieve real results as we guide you along your fitness journey and work alongside like-minded people who share your passion for a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. You’ll share experiences, work together and bond over time to create your own supportive and motivating community.

Our Semi-Private Sessions are designed to:

  • Produce faster, greater results.
  • Unite people of similar fitness levels and ages.
  • Get you excited about working out!

Our facility is a safe and secure place to train, and we welcome everyone and anyone to join the Valkyrie community.

We tailor all sessions to suit each groups fitness level, and because we keep the groups small we can provide you with personalised attention.

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Hugo is fantastic trainer. I have worked as a PT myself, and when I felt like I was running out of inspiration for my own training, Hugo helped me put a spark back into things. He is professional, enthusiastic and creative. I recommend Hugo without hesitation

Mark Gauntlett client

After dealing with 2 knee reconstructions, Hugo helped me through my rehab work and has provided me with the stability in my knees to play competitive sport again. Furthermore, his relaxed but firm nature has given me the drive to continue at the gym and has increased my personal self esteem. I'd highly recommend this guy if anyone is looking to get personal training or to rehab their body. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a top bloke.

Angus Thomson client