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The first step to take before starting any new challenge is developing a good foundation. When it comes to exercise, the best way to achieve this foundation is to prepare your body to perform at it’s best and then keep it there.

This means that before you get into the hard stuff, improving your overall mobility, core stability and preventing injury as well as increasing your strength whilst you’re training is essential. The best way to achieve this is through Functional Training.

How can Functional Training help?

Functional Training has had quite a bit of hype surrounding it in the fitness community for some time now, but what exactly is it? In a nutshell, functional training is the gap between personal training and physical therapy. It is a system of physical training that helps you to do your regular, everyday movements better and with ease, and we all could benefit from that!

Improve your Mobility

Our bodies are all designed to move a certain way, and improving certain aspects of our mobility can make these day-to-day movements much easier. Functional Training incorporates exercises that enhance both our coordination and flexibility. Coordination is important because it means we know how and when to move certain parts of our bodies leading to higher efficiency in our movements and greater confidence in ourselves. Flexibility on the other hand helps our muscles to stretch and lengthen, which allows for a greater range of motion and even supports the growth of muscles too.

Improve your Stability

Functional Training exercises focus on improving all aspects of our stability so that we can have better strength and control over our movements. At first thought you may think stability is about being able to stand on one leg or do 100 sit ups, but stability is so important for every single one of our joints from our necks, to our wrists, to our ankles!

Prevent Injury and Manage Pain

By improving our coordination, flexibility and stability we have now we have now created the perfect foundation for preventing injury! This means that we can train for longer, we can train harder and we can train more often. Functional Training is also quite low impact and works on training multiple muscle groups in unison, meaning it doesn’t put any extra strain on the joints.

Increase your Strength

Functional Training is about helping you train your body to move the way it’s designed to move. Most of us don’t need to be able to lift huge weights above our heads everyday! Functional Training exercises aim strengthen the body where we actually need it, and trains the muscles to work together to accomplish these day-to-day movements.

Challenge Yourself!

Functional Training is for everybody, no matter their age or ability. Get out there and find a functional trainer that will challenge you to become a healthier, happier and more capable version of yourself.

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