Pro Class

This class is reserved for more seasoned Valkyrie veterans.

In our Pro Class you’ll be introduced to more advanced Kettlebell techniques and programming designed to push you to your limits. Our coaches join in on the “fun” to keep a fierce pace and also for our members to keep them on their toes!

There’s little to no coaching/ teaching of techniques during the class as all skills are assumed knowledge. Each class will start with a brief program outline to ensure everyone is brought up to speed and there is a strength standard of 16kg Kettlebell weight for Females and 24kg Kettlebell weight for Males (minimum weight for most movements). The strength standards are a guideline to gauge your competency, not a clear ruling however these classes are open to ALL Valkyrie members!

Classes will go anywhere from 45-60 mins depending on the workout of the day and on the Friday, PRO CLASS is followed by a few beers after the session, so BYO! If you’re unsure if you want to join in, you’re more than welcome to hang out with everyone to see what goes on!