Kettlebell Clinic

Kettlebells are our one of deepest passions and also one of the most versatile tools when it comes to health and fitness.

Learn how to be a Kettlebell pro with this 30 minute bridging class, specifically designed to assist anyone who is struggling with any of the skills we cover in other classes.

Whether you need a bit of a refresher or you’re a first timer, this class is the best place to learn The Swing, Get-Up and other more skill oriented movements you wish you were taught properly 3 years ago.

If you’re new to the whole fitness thing. Our Kettlebell Clinic class is a great way to learn the basics in a supportive environment. It’s often the little things that keep us back from achieving our short or long term goals so this class is also a place where we cover a bunch of mobility exercises before our bigger classes. These classes are scheduled right before our Bootcamp or Strength & Mobility classes making them great for beginners or for those who want to progress into some advanced techniques!