Strength & Mobility

Our Strength & Mobility class is our daily hour workout designed for fitness levels of all levels from beginner to kettlebell pro.

Each class starts with a thorough mobility based warm-up full of essential movements and body “resets” to prime your body and mind for action followed by a short briefing of the workout. Our programing consists of a blend of functional movement, strength & conditioning and Kettlebell training as we find that these disciplines produce the best results for a strong, functioning human. We encourage our members to “carry” the class with team and partner based programs to foster our growing community and culture. You’ll be guided through each part of the workout by our skilful and supportive coaches as you laugh, grunt and sweat your way to the finish line.

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Our bootcamps are quick, effective and combine the fun of a larger group with the benefits of personalised attention and advice.

An express version of our mobility warm-ups and “resets” is included at the start of each Bootcamp followed by team and partner based programing. We focus on simple, yet effective conditioning and bodyweight exercises to ensure every get their sweat on together. Valkyrie Bootcamps are fun and engaging way to train, combing plenty of challenges with a great sense of community and friendly competition. Expect to walk out of every class with a smile, a kiss from a cute pup and a bunch of new friends. Community is important to us so we always encourage everyone to stick around after class to grab a coffee with the crew.

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Kettlebell Clinic:

Kettlebells are our one of deepest passions and also one of the most versatile tools when it comes to health and fitness.

Learn how to be a Kettlebell pro with this 30 minute bridging class, specifically designed to assist anyone who is struggling with any of the skills we cover in other classes.

Whether you need a bit of a refresher or you’re a first timer, this class is the best place to learn The Swing, Get-Up and other more skill oriented movements you wish you were taught properly 3 years ago.

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Pro Class:

This class is reserved for more seasoned Valkyrie veterans. 

In our Pro Class you’ll be introduced to more advanced Kettlebell techniques and programming designed to push you to your limits. Our coaches join in on the “fun” to keep a fierce pace and also for our members to keep them on their toes!

There’s little to no coaching/ teaching of techniques during the class as all skills are assumed knowledge. Each class will start with a brief program outline to ensure everyone is brought up to speed and there is a strength standard of 16kg Kettlebell weight for Females and 24kg Kettlebell weight for Males (minimum weight for most movements). The strength standards are a guideline to gauge your competency, not a clear ruling however these classes are open to ALL Valkyrie members!

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