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With a title like How to get strong without ever doing workout you’d think that this is some quick fix, click bait article. You’d be wrong. What I’m going to share with you instead is how a small shift in perspective can change how you approach your training for good and help you achieve your strength goals. If you’re curious, read on!

Now, let’s understand one thing to avoid wasting anyone’s time. By stronger I specifically mean the psychical strength of the body, not the emotional or mental strength of the mind and spirit involved when training (however if you’ve got this in spades, it’s definitely going to help!). When I say workout, I specifically mean working out, feelin’ the burn, getting after it, maxing out, crushing your WOD or any other phrase that would visually translate into a Rocky Balboa training montage.

If you’ve ever been to a commercial gym or most other franchise/ affiliate gyms, you’ll find that one of the most prevalent attitudes that people hold is that to achieve your fitness goals, you MUST work hard and run yourself into the ground. From all this suffering, some of the most cringe worthy cliches in fitness are born like pain is weakness leaving the body, sweat is fat crying or my personal favourite to see on social media, NO DAYS OFF!

There’s always a time a place for the over the top workout but I’d like to argue that less is more with this style of training. Pavel drives it home with this quote from “The Naked Warrior”

“Strength is a skill, Training must be approached as a practice, not a workout” – Pavel Tsatsouline

The above quote by Godfather of Kettlebells hits the nail on the head and it may be a new idea for you. If you’ve struggled with strength goals in the past, maybe hitting your gym sessions EVEN HARDER…isn’t a sensible solution. Let me use an example.

If your life’s dream was to learn how to speak Japanese, would you

A) Hire someone who can teach you the language, learn and practise phrases, drill specific sounds and syllables.


B) Watch an Instagram how-to video, repeat those noises louder and louder until you mastered the language without any days off.

It’s a bit silly, but I feel it gets the point across. If you treat your training as a practise not every day as a workout, you’ll find you won’t need to go to such great lengths to achieve your goals and be able to stay healthy long-term. Not to say hard work isn’t involved, that’s still required unfortunately.

For anyone who’s trained at Valkyrie, they’ll tell you how for a whole month we worked on how to squeeze every bit of power out of the kettlebell swing or how they spent weeks learning and drilling the finer details of turkish get-up. They’ll also tell you how they can deadlift double bodyweight, snatch a 24kg bell 100 times in 5 minutes and perform strict pull-ups with reps in the double digits. Not out of the ordinary for someone with the right information, coaching and patience.

Hopefully I’ve left an impression with this article but at very least follow these few tips to set yourself up for success.

  1. Know where you’re starting from: If you’re not honest with yourself about where your baselines are, you won’t get far.
  2. Know where you want to go: Clear goals make essential to success in the gym (and life).
  3. Know your strengths and ask your help: If you’re like me, you’ve unfortunately discoursed that no, you’re not the best everything, sorry. Ask for help, a Japanese teacher, qualified strength coach or whatever you need to get over the line.

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