Your strength is our strength. Our house is your house.

We are a group of STRONG individuals who work for a common goal, to be stronger than the day before.

We keep each other accountable for our own health and development and always aim to encourage and inspire each other to strive for more.

We are firm believers that strength, movement and wellbeing are essential to happy and healthy lifestyle.

We value our community and are respectful and inclusive of everyone in our family. Together we are stronger.

Together we are Valkyrie!

Below are the core values that we live and die by:

  1. COMMUNITY: Our commitment to our community is the foundation of our gym. We strive to create connections that make a positive difference in our members lives’ 
  2. MASTERY: We strive to achieve mastery in everything that we do, on and off the gym floor.
  3. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: We are personally accountable for delivering on all of our commitments to ourselves and our members. 
  4. EMPOWERMENT: We empower and uplift our members through strength, education and a greater sense of belonging. 
  5. INTEGRITY: We are transparent in our methods and beliefs. We are truthful, honest and always aim for the best outcomes for our members