The sense of community and belonging that we have built at Valkyrie is something we are super proud of. 

This means that our humble little gym space is more than just a place people go to work out; our community means we are a culture, a place that our members come to vent and de-stress from their day, catch up with mates and get strong. 

Having a strong community is what keeps you motivated and focused – when you’ve fallen off the band wagon, coming off the back of some busy weekends or just burning the candles at both ends. Community keeps you showing up, results keep you coming back! 

The cool thing about the community we have built here at Valkyrie is that it’s so welcoming, inviting, and unpretentious. All new members are warmly welcomed and feel right at home quickly. 

You can expect regular team get togethers, the odd dressup and beers or tag along with the group after hours for a fun activity like rock climbing! And if you don’t want to partake – that’s cool too! We have members that turn up, work out and shoot-off because that’s what suits them. The level of involvement in our commumity is totally up to you! 

We’re kiddy-friendly

We get that getting to the gym around family commitments can sometimes be difficult. If you have kids, that are happy to sit, chill out (and likely they will be glued to a device!) and watch you work out, you’re welcome to bring them along. Our only request is that they remain in the back area away from equipment, purely because we don’t want the young tuckers getting hurt or knocked over! Just to clarify, we don’t have a creche so this is only really suitable if your kidlets don’t need babysitting. BYO toys and snacks!  

We’re dog-friendly

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed we’re also dog-friendly! Jokes aside, we’ve come to be well known locally as the only dog-friendly gym in Newcastle. So if you want to bring your (well-behaved) dawg along for your work-out, go for it! We often have a few dogs hanging about, so please only bring your pup if he/she is sociable with other dogs. 

So what are you waiting for, come along and see what we’re all about! 

We know that starting at a new gym can be a daunting process, and what you can remember is that everyone of our members at some point have been in your shoes. It doesn’t matter where you are starting, how ‘fit’ (we use this term loosely at ‘fit’ means something different to everyone) you are or how strong you may be. We’re here to help you move from where you are to where you want to be next. 

Give Hugo a buzz on 0408751786 to ask about our trial offer