My name is Renata Roberts and here is one of my personal trainer success stories working with the Valkyrie Functional Training Team.
I was always a bigger girl. I was never going to be thin. But, I needed to be healthier.
For 4 years my husband and I had tried to fall pregnant with out any luck. There was nothing they could identify to be the problem with either of us – except that I was overweight.
Throughout my life I have tried diet after diet and I walked every morning before work. I swore to myself the food I ate wasn’t bad. And I decided that it was just that I could never lose the weight and that I was just big.
With the aim to lose weight and get healthier and to achieve my dream to be a mother, I joined the gym. They offered a free session with a PT. I wasn’t impressed that I was there at the gym let alone having a session with some fit Personal Trainer who would make me feel more uncomfortable and fat than I was! But, with the persuasion and support of my husband I took the session and met Hugo.
From the moment I met him he was interested in my goals. They became his. This fit, young man was interested in losing weight and falling pregnant.
Two days a week I enjoyed going to the gym. Having someone interested in my progress, in my well being and in my goals. We watched together the scales drop (40 kilos by the end) we high fived when I pushed through the tough sessions and we hugged when I fell pregnant with my son.
Hugo adjusted my program to suit my strengths, my weaknesses, my positive days and my flat days. He always had me leave the gym with the enthusiasm and energy to come back the next time.
I worked out with Hugo to the late stages of my pregnancy and always felt my safety, my interests and me were at the forefront of his mind.
My husband and I are so thankful for having met Hugo and the efforts he put in to help me. We still give him some credit for the healthy little man we have in our lives today.
I will be back Hugo. You have some work to do now to work off that baby weight!!!



When I met Hugo I was already fit and healthy but I had reached a stage in my life where I was unable to train as much or participate in the sports that I’d loved for so long.  Years of martial arts training and numerous overuse injuries had me in fairly constant shoulder pain.  I was unable to do 20 push ups without pain let alone strike pads.  My other great love is cycling, both road and mountain bike, but tears in both knees from mountain bike accidents had me fearful to get on the mat or even throw a kick.  I knew a slight twist the wrong way and I would be sitting out again with an ice pack!  This was a terribly frustrating period.

I’ve trained with a number of PT’s over the years, but I’ve found Hugo to be unique in his approach and style.  He seems to have the ability to recognise what you ‘need’ in order to improve in your chosen sport and he applies it to your training.  With me the emphasis has been on mobility and functional movement patterns that align with actual striking and grappling movements rather than typical gym weight lifting exercises.  This style of training has developed strength in my supporting muscle groups to the point that I’m no longer concerned about my shoulder and knees!  I’ve gained joint mobility and stability. Overall I’m stronger and faster than ever and have confidence in my joints again!

With Hugo there’s no ego, just a genuine desire to help you reach your goals, and then set new ones.  I have no hesitation in recommending Hugo, he will lift your game!