Valkyrie Bootcamps

Our bootcamps are quick, effective and combine the fun of a larger group with the benefits of personalised attention and advice.

An express version of our mobility warm-ups and “resets” is included at the start of each Bootcamp followed by team and partner based programing. We focus on simple, yet effective conditioning and bodyweight exercises to ensure every get their sweat on together. Valkyrie Bootcamps are fun and engaging way to train, combing plenty of challenges with a great sense of community and friendly competition. Expect to walk out of every class with a smile, a kiss from a cute pup and a bunch of new friends. Community is important to us so we always encourage everyone to stick around after class to grab a coffee with the crew.

For most people, conditioning and bodyweight exercises are not at the top of everyone’s “most favourite activity” list so we try to make each Bootcamp as fun and enjoyable as possible without sacrificing the benefits of the workout. If you’re new to fitness or have had a bit of time off, this class is a great introduction to get the ball rolling again. Most exercises aren’t too overly complicated making this one of our “go-to” recommendations for new members.

All the exercises also have the added benefit of complimenting our Strength & Mobility and Pro Classes by providing a strong foundation for more complex, skill based movements.