Every trainer or gym owner will tell you how incredible their training methods are and we’re no different. Kettlebells and Functional Movement are our specialities, and everyone knows that. What they probably don’t know is that beyond all the exciting Kettlebell tricks, we’re just everyday people; with ups, downs and a whole bunch of messy flaws; just like our members.

Here at Valkyrie we strive to provide an educated and in depth approach to strength and functional training. We feel a blend of functional movement, strength & conditioning and Kettlebell training is the most effective way to produce the best results for a strong, functioning human.

Strength is a skill and we approach each workout as a “practice” as well as a means to exercise the body.  You’ll not only get a workout but learn essential training techniques. These techniques can be translated not just to our Kettlebell training, but to all forms of exercise, from everyday activities such as day-to-day chores to more intensive activities like hiking and kickboxing. It is not uncommon for new members to make big leaps in overall strength within a relatively short amount of time.

With this in mind, our aim is to assist you in finding a balance so that you may achieve that healthy, active lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Through these methods we can show you how to:

  • Improve your energy throughout the day
  • Effectively manage your weight
  • Build strength at a foundational level
  • Move more freely without pain or discomfort
  • Manage stress
  • Feel your best year round
  • Meet awesome people!

View our range of gym classes and online timetable to find out more.

Hugo is fantastic trainer. I have worked as a PT myself, and when I felt like I was running out of inspiration for my own training, Hugo helped me put a spark back into things. He is professional, enthusiastic and creative. I recommend Hugo without hesitation

Mark Gauntlett client

After dealing with 2 knee reconstructions, Hugo helped me through my rehab work and has provided me with the stability in my knees to play competitive sport again. Furthermore, his relaxed but firm nature has given me the drive to continue at the gym and has increased my personal self esteem. I'd highly recommend this guy if anyone is looking to get personal training or to rehab their body. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a top bloke.

Angus Thomson client