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Due to the COVID-19 lockdown our doors may be closed (temporarily) but you can still get your ‘VALKYIRE LIVE’ fix streamed to the comfort of your home or grab a spot outdoors. With LIVE streaming you’ll still get the same level of Coaching expertise and community support with a personalised and motivating training experience.

Our mission during this crisis is to empower everyday people just like you, to rise above their physical and mental barriers during an challenging time. We will strive to encourage our community to achieve, grow and show the world that we’re not slowing down!

Here at Valkyrie we strive to provide an in depth approach to training to build strong, functional humans! Check out our Instagram to see some of our members crushing it!

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My hubby had started training with Hugo and was coming home telling me about these things called turkish get-ups, cleans and halos - it was like he was talking another language! Plus he was getting fitter and, being the competitive type, I decided that I wanted in on the action and needed to find out what all the fuss was about. Six months later, I'm training four days a week at Valkyrie and getting stronger everyday (plus I can do a mean turkish get-up!). There's such a great combo of awesome workouts and fitness info, with good tunes and the nicest people. Best gym family in Newy!

Ofa Fitzgibbonsmember

Where do i start? I have been training with Hugo for over 12 months. He has helped me not only to lose weight, but continues on a weekly basis to give his all to help me achieve my goals. He helps me get through my emotional meltdowns and binge eating. He is a constant support to me and I dont even want to think about where I would be without him on my team. Massive shout-out to this amazing guy! He’s just brilliant!

Lauryn Battishill member

I have been training with Valkyrie, and Hugo in particular for around six months. In that time I have transformed my physical condition and overall well being, and have gone from being inactive to actually enjoying exercise. Hugo's classes are ever-changing, with a large array of exercises in his repertoire. His expertise is highly respected by me as I chase my fitness and lifestyle goals. My favourite part of Valkyrie is the friendly gym atmosphere, especially the frequent group training sessions on Saturday that we do at our own pace, particularly group breakfast and coffee afterwards!

Jack Burnettmember

After dealing with 2 knee reconstructions, Hugo helped me through my rehab work and has provided me with the stability in my knees to play competitive sport again. Furthermore, his relaxed but firm nature has given me the drive to continue at the gym and has increased my personal self esteem. I'd highly recommend this guy if anyone is looking to get personal training or to rehab their body. He has a wealth of knowledge and is a top bloke.

Angus Thomson member